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Shy & Fearful Dog Classes

Please read our group class policies here before registering.


Loving Paws will be going through some changes the end of June.  This is bitter sweet for me since I started Loving Paws in 1998 and now I'm handing the shy and fearful dog classes off to Melissa and Jennifer.

Melissa and Jennifer will be starting their own dog training businesses in which Loving Paws will be referring people to.  Their websites will be listed here.

Melissa Peterson-Ney Website

Jennifer Schretter's Website

I will still be instructing K9 Nose Work classes.

I want to send each and every person that attended a class at Loving Paws my deepest gratitude for choosing us.  It has been an honor to work with all of you.

Image by Sander Weeteling

Welcome to our Shy & Fearful Dog Classes!

Our Shy & Fearful Dog class is four weeks long. When possible, we may take the class to different locations weather permits. This class is for the dog that is fearful of humans, animals, noises, or other things in their environment. We show you how to manage your dog’s surroundings and help them build confidence. This is not a class for reactive dogs; those are dogs that bark and lunge at people, animals and other things in the environment.

  • We are working on a new process for joining these classes.  Coming soon. 

  • Returning students are welcome to join us in any of the classes.

Help your pup feel more confident with our group classes

Intro to Shy Dog Class - The Beginning.

Level 1 Topics
Our goal is to help the human understand what the dog is telling them and to set their dogs up for success. 

  • This class is for the dog that is fearful of people, dogs, sounds etc.

  • This is not a class for reactive or aggressive dogs.

  • Learn how to read your dogs body language and to manage the environment accordingly.

  • Class may held in different location each week.

  • Exercises based on building self confidence in the dogs.

  • Massage to reduce stress in your dog.

  • Stress reduction exercises for the client.

  • Understand canine calming signals and how to respond to them.

  • 1st step - Fill out the form below and one of our team will be in contact with you.

  • Form to come soon.

Continuted Education
After the Intro to Shy Dog Class is completed, we will have continued education classes. This gives the student & dog the opportunity to work with others that have been through the class and continue building confidence in both the dog and handler.

Curious Dog
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