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Hiking Club

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The Loving Paws Hiking Club is for our students.  This is hosted by trainer Jennifer Lueck. Jen will put a hike on the hiking club website the end of the week throughout the entire calendar year.


Once it is added to the site those that have registered for past hikes will get an hiking notification for the new hike via email.


If you didn’t register for a past hike you can either watch the Hiking Club website or register for a hike to get on the notification list.

Hiking Club - Rules & Guidelines

  1. All dogs must be on leash. If using a flexi leash it must be locked at 6ft or less.

  2. You must pick up after your dog so remember to bring poop bags.

  3. In warm weather it is best to bring water on the walk for you and your dog.

  4. RESPECT everyone’s space which includes the other dogs. Do not crowd any dog especially fearful dogs.

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