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Private Dog Training


Sometimes classes don’t work well for schedules and some dogs aren’t comfortable in a class environment. That is when private training session are available. Private lessons take place in the persons home or possibly in a park, depending on the skills needed. This can provide help with specific issues and training skills. With all training we must remember that a strong foundation of skills is necessary for all other skills to build from.


Private training is $80-$100 for an hour if in Kenosha or Racine. 

Contact us to schedule private sessions!

Please note: We do not work with aggression cases. The definition of aggression is “hostile or violent behavior or attitudes toward another; readiness to attack or confront”. This is behavior with the intent to do harm.

Pawsitive Choice
Kathy Edstrom
Union Grove, WI


Two-Paws Up
Stephanie Challand
Lake Bluff, IL


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