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Tricks Classes, Training Games
& Fun Rally Classes

Please read our group class policies here before registering.


Loving Paws will be going through some changes the end of June.  This is bitter sweet for me since I started Loving Paws in 1998 and now I'm handing the games, tricks and fun rally classes off to Melissa and Jennifer.

Melissa and Jennifer will be starting their own dog training businesses in which Loving Paws will be referring people to.  Their websites will be listed here.

Melissa Peterson-Ney Website

Jennifer Schretter's Website

I will still be instructing K9 Nose Work classes.

I want to send each and every person that attended a class at Loving Paws my deepest gratitude for choosing us.  It has been an honor to work with all of you.


Have fun with your dog in our Tricks Classes, Training Games Class and Fun Rally Class!!

Have fun with your dog in our Trick classes, Training Games class and Fun Rally class.


You can earn a trick title in our trick classes.  These classes are fun for you and your dog!

Training Games Class

For ALL ages! This is a fun class full of training games. Through the games you and your K9 partner will build a strong relationship while enjoying a variety of skill building games.

Here is a sample of some of the games we will play:

  • Shopping bag sit

  • Putting for points

  • Sit wave

  • Doggie Jeopardy

  • My dog can do that

  • Football pass

  • Egg spoon relay

  • Cat food recalls

  • Musical chairs

  • Finish the story

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Tricks Program

Tricks I
We'll start with the basics like shake, play dead, roll over and sit up and work our way up to teaching the dogs to wipe their paws, say their prayers, hide in a box, take a selfie and ring a call bell. Our goal is that every dog who graduates from Tricks Class can perform the tricks needed to earn a Novice Trick Dog (NTD) title from Do More With Your Dog.

Tricks II
We’ll build on what we learned in Tricks I and learn more advanced tricks like fetching things, opening doors, and carrying mail and other objects as well as learning tricks that build confidence and body awareness like ladder work and perch work. Our goal is that every dog who graduates from Tricks Class can perform the tricks needed to earn an Intermediate Trick Dog (ITD) title from Do More With Your Dog.

Tricks III

We'll work on the tricks you'll need to earn your Advanced and Expert titles from Do More With Your Dog. Some of these include pulling a wagon, ring toss, playing basketball, getting the newspaper, fetching the mail, putting toys away, distance work and rolling yourself in a blanket.

Fun Rally Class

Let's have some fun with playing with some Rally obedience courses.  The handler dog team proceed around a course of designated stations with the dog in heel position. The course consists of 10 to 20 signs that instruct the team what to do.  The handlers are encouraged to praise and reward their dogs during the course.

This is just another way to have some fun with your dog.  This course is not intended to get you ready to compete.  It is for fun only!!

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