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Adolescent & Adult Classes

Please read our group class policies here before registering.


Loving Paws will be going through some changes the end of June.   This is bitter sweet for me since I started Loving Paws in 1998 and now I'm handing the adolescent & adult training classes off to Melissa and Jennifer.

Melissa and Jennifer will be starting their own dog training businesses in which Loving Paws will be referring people to.  Their websites will be listed here.

Melissa Peterson-Ney Website

Jennifer Schretter's Website

I will still be instructing K9 Nose Work classes.

I want to send each and every person that attended a class at Loving Paws my deepest gratitude for choosing us.  It has been an honor to work with all of you.

Elite Skills 4 Outside.jpg

Welcome to our Adolescent & Adult Classes!

Communication and socialization are the key to a successful relationship with your dog. This class will help you build a strong foundation of skills and show you how to communicate and understand your dog’s behavior. We will show you how socialization is done properly for your dog to be able to enjoy being with people, dogs and different environments. 

Classes meet at 4709 Green Bay Rd, Kenosha WI. During the summer the Friday and Saturday classes may meet outside at Petrifying Springs Park.

Adolescence begins at the age of 6 months old. Dogs usually reach their height by one year of age, they fill out (girth) between one and two years old and turn adults mentally around or after two years old. This class is for dogs six months of age and older. Smaller dogs over the six months old are still invited to attend a puppy class if that suits that dog better.

Foundation Skills

Adolescent Adult 1 – The FoundationThis class is a level I class for dogs six month old and up. Small dogs, under 20 pounds, are still welcome to attend a puppy class if you want.

Any Age 1 – The Foundation

This class combines the puppies and older dogs into the same class. This will give people the chance to register for a class that fits better into their schedule.

Building Skill Level 2

Your dog must have taken a level I class or have the level of skills to attend. A discount is available for return students.

Holiday Refresher Class

Enjoy this three week class to refresh your dogs skills before the holidays!

USE as the 2nd picture.jpg
Level 1-0755.jpg

Advanced Skills

Advanced Skills 3 Inside
Working toward bringing skills to a higher level. The class may go on a field trip to work in real life situations. CGC test may be given if the class is ready for it.

Advanced Skills 3 Outside
This is a class that takes place outside at four different parks in the Kenosha area. This gives you a chance to work with your dog in a real world environment.

Advanced Skills 4 Outside

You must have attended a level III class to be able to be approved to attend this class. This is a four week class taking place in public locations.

Playing with Novice Competition Obedience

Prerequisite-Advanced Skills level 3 or 4. The class is based on exercises used in AKC Novice competition, which include heel on leash and off, figure eight, stand for exam, group sit-stay and down stay, and more!   

Working Walk Class

These individual classes will be training while taking a walk.  This is a group session that will  work on socialization and some needed skills when in the outside environment.

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