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Fitness Classes

Please read our group class policies here before registering.

Dog in Farm

Teaching canine fitness is one of the most important things you can do to enhance your dog’s confidence while at the same time, building his strength and flexibility.  Working together on these skills will build the bond you share with your dog and be a lot of “sirius” fun for both of you.

Siriusly Fun Fitness Classes

Fun-da-mentals Level 1 Overview 
Targeting and Balance Skills

  1. Front feet on target, add elevated object

  2. Nose-to-hand touches and holds

  3. Back feet on target, add elevation object

  4. Individual paw lifts.

  5. Applications of targeting skills for everyday life

Fun-da-mentals Level 2 Overview
Body positions, Transitions, and Weight Shifting Skills

  1. Sit: Tuck

  2. Kick back Stand

  3. Down:folding

  4. Sit: Rock back

  5. Bow

  6. Roll over

Fun-da-mentals Level 3 Overview

Movement and Distance Skills

  1. Back up

  2. Around

  3. Pivot

  4. Side stepping

  5. Spins

  6. Crawl or "under"

Image by Dennis Olsen
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