What Dog Breed Is It: Harley Yurchak

By Laura Yurchak
“What breed do you think my dog is?” I get this question often. I answer this question with another question. What does your dog do? Do they hunt, herd, chase, or observe? A dog’s play pattern and behavior tendencies can give you an indication of what type of breedthey may be.

Now we have DNA tests that can give us information on a dogs breed. Amy Wence did a great job explaining her experience with the test in the August 2009 newsletter article “Mixed Feelings about Mixed Breed Analysis” http://www.lovingpawsllc.com/newsletters. I am asking those of you that have had the test done on their dog to share their finding with us. We will print your results in the next newsletter. Here are a couple results we would like to share with you now.

Harley Yurchak

Harley has some brown coming out on his sides and floppy ears, which are not traits of a Border Collie. He also lacks the Border Collie “eye”. I did some research on the Border Collie. The Book ofJob, in the Old Testament, briefly mentions dogs working sheep. The first mention of dogs working sheep in a similar way to the Border Collie was in 1570. The first reference to the word “collie” wasn’t until 1617. (Border Collies by Margaret Collier) There are no breed records of how this breed evolved. There is only speculation as to what breeds may have contributed to their existence.
Harley’s Results
Testing Lab: BioPet Vet Lab– mouth swab – February 2010 Results: Level2 : 37-74% Border Collie Level4: 10-19% Labrador Level 4: 10-19% Poodle