DUE TO THE COVID-19 Safer at Home order, we are currently doing online classes until the order is lifted.  We are hoping to resume small group classes in June.  We have those classes listed on the right and open for registrations.  We have reduced the number of students/dogs per class to give everyone more room.  The cost of the classes have been increased by a small amount to compensate for that reduction in attendees.

On Line Classes: The benefits of an online class are abundant. Puppies are like sponges for learning. If we don’t teach them the proper way to live in a humans world early in life, they will create bad habits that are harder to fix later.

We at Loving Paws LLC use techniques from respected and well-known animal behaviorists and trainers. Most of the techniques used in our puppy, adolescent and adult classes are from Dr. Ian Dunbar, Dr. Patricia McConnell, and Chris Bach’s The Third Way (TTW) of Dog Training. We train dogs without using force or pain based methods, we are successful using positive reinforcement techniques.

It is the persistent rehearsal or playing of our training games, while at the same time preventing your dog from practicing unwanted behaviors, that creates good habits and builds a wonderful relationship between you and your dog.

If our classes are full please check into Two Paws Up in Lake Bluff IL, Dogdom International in Kenosha WI or Paws-a-tive Choice in Union Grove, WI.

Loving Paws has a variety of classes to choose from.