Toy Safety

Categories: Dog Safety

By Linda Ryglewicz

We just recently had a huge scare with Ginger. A $2000.00 scare that I would ask you to please tell all your clients about. Ginger loves to play with those light weight rubber pacifiers with the nubs all over them. We bought them at Petco and of course did not check to see where they were made. That was our first mistake. The second mistake, the costly one, is that we let her chew on it while we were making dinner. When we were ready to sit down to dinner, I went to put the toy away and couldn’t find it. Now, this has happened before where she has thrown the toy up in the air and it has landed in several hiding spots. So, we did not think much of it. One week after the missing toy, Ginger became extremely ill. Ginger has NEVER thrown up or pooped in the house. This happened all night long. I took her to the vet and they did x-rays. They found part of the toy in her stomach. So, off to surgery she went to have the toy removed. When they opened her up, there was no toy parts in her, but she was SO dehydrated that her stomach was inflamed and that’s what showed up on the x-rays. They took blood to check for toxemia and kept her over night on IV fluids. I got to bring her home the next day. I had to make sure that she drank a lot of water and urinated to make sure that her kidneys were working. Within about three days she was feeling better. We went back about five days later for another blood test. She did not sustain any permenant damage and is back to her old self. The moral of the story: DO NOT BUY TOYS THAT ARE MADE IN CHINA and DO NOT LET YOUR DOG PLAY UNATTENDED WITH A TOY.