Thundershirt Reviews

I am amazed at the positive changes many dogs are getting with the Thundershirt. I see noticeable differences in the fearful dogs in class with this on. It has a positive effect on some dogs if the reactivity is fear based. Of course, it isn’t going to work on all dogs but I believe in this product enough to add it to the list of items I am selling.

In November, I started a promotion on the Thundershirt. I gave people the opportunity to purchase them at a discounted price. In turn, those people were to update me with the results they see in their dogs.   Most people gave me feedback in December. I only heard from a few folks from the last update request.

So here it is. There were 20 people in this mini study. The first comments are from new users of the Thundershirt. It is followed by the first users from November 2011.


General Fear

#1 The Thundershirt has been AMAZING for my dog. We put it on every night after dinner and after we do a bit of retrieving down the stairs – usually around 6:30 or 7:00pm. It is like an ‘off’ switch for her where she just settles down. She actually asks for it at this time of night. She still barks and is a little jittery at noises but not near as much as she has been.

The shirt is also helping her in class. She is more confident in herself and actually going up to other dogs now. She played with a dog in class last week which was awesome.

She still gets a little ‘spastic’ when we take the shirt off but it is getting less and less. We take it off right before bed time. I did leave it on once during the day when we were going to be gone for a bit and she didn’t chew it or anything like that. One strange thing she has started doing is rubbing up against the back of our chair and couch when it is on. Not sure if it has anything to do with the shirt or if it is a new behavior she has started.

Thank you for the suggestion of this shirt. I have actually given my testimony to other dog owners I know and they are interested in it too.

#2 We do notice a difference. She was so frightenable when we first started using it. She has gotten a lot better using this. This shirt WITH other behavioral efforts (regular training, desensitization, and calming efforts) is a winning combination. It is very important to learn to use it properly, associating it with good things before challenging its use.

#3   I have been using the Thundershirt on him during hikes now that is it cooler and he is much less worried about things and especially noises when he has it on!!


Car rides

  • Didn’t shake in the car.


  • Within 5 min the shaking, panting, drooling and following me around stops.
  • When he had the shirt on he wanted to go out and didn’t hide under the table the whole day. He had a great time playing outside for quite awhile. Even the kids noticed the difference. He also greeted me when I came home instead of hiding. I have not noticed him being so obsessed with carrying around a stuffed animal all day. He went outside three times today in the rain. VERY unusual. He even asked twice to go out!
    • Feb 2012 Update: Haven’t needed to use the shirt in this weather. There are also no gun shots being fired right now. I did send you and update earlier. Love the shirt and recommend it.
  • This was during a loud thunderstorm. I put their Thundershirts on and cuddled with them. Shaking stopped within less than a minute. I stopped holding them after a while and the stayed ok. I left the room to do something and they stayed on their beds until I called them. The thunder continued, they were fine.
  • I put it on him if a storm was coming, he seemed more self assured and happy. During a storm he seems more relaxed and doesn’t drool and pant like he used to. During fireworks, he actually slept sprawled out on his side by our bed and seemed very calm and content.
  • I purchased the Thundershirt three months ago and it helps. With the Thundershirt, he does calm down. He is still aware of the storm outside; he is able to rest in one place.  Symptoms that disappear with the Thundershirt on are: shaking uncontrollable, heavy panting and pacing.

Barking and pulling on leash when seeing a person or other animal

  • The very first time we had it on, after 10 minutes she just kind of got tired, like she just couldn’t move anymore. We were in our class with the other dogs and she seems to be ok with it, the other dogs didn’t seem to bother her, no pulling on the leash or barking at that time.
    • Feb 2012 Update: I haven’t been putting it on her too much, shame on me. When we went for our walk this morning, I did put it on her, but we have been practicing the last two weeks on how to walk next to me and not ahead of me. What amazing results with her NOT jumping, having barking fits, and pulling me, when we see people or other animals. She’s more relaxed & I’m more relaxed, she loves to learn. We had a person walk across the street from us this morning for a while, great practice and she did really good. These baby steps make me feel wonderful, and is changing her view on life. Just wish it would work out with my youngest daughter and the grandchildren. So when we go for our walk tonight & in the morning, and the remainder of the week, I’ll use the Thunder shirt on her.

Anxious – barking

  • She doesn’t bark any less but she seems to like it. Any time I take it out to put it on her, she follows me around. She seems to want it on.
    • Feb 2012 Update: We’ve seen no change since the last update.

General fear

  • Didn’t hide under the table all day. Had a great time playing outside.
  • Put it on for Trick or Treat walk and seemed more calm. We were able to walk past crowds of kids. Still seemed apprehensive but didn’t pull or lurch away which he often does. No cowering or ears pinned back/tail tucked as seen before. Not a huge difference but a noticeable one.
    • Feb 2012 Update: My Dog often needs to be re-introduced to situations he’s been in before but not in a while. For example, he has a grave fear of headlights when I walk him at night but after several weeks or months, he’ll adjust. Then during warmer months our walks happen more often during the daytime so when months go by, then I have to take him out at night during the colder months, he starts up the initial fear of headlights again. The Thundershirt seems to help reintroduce him more calmly and he adapts more quickly. Plus, it’s a nice extra layer when it’s freezing outside. 🙂
  • She shakes especially at night. It reduced shaking at times.
  • She will need a bit more time. We are up to 10 min at a time. At first she refused to move from whatever spot she was in when I put it on. We are making progress and she will walk with it on.

Fear of People

  • Seems a little more okay with meeting new people. The shy & fearful dog class helped the most in my opinion.
    • Feb 2012 Update: Well overall I do not think I would recommend either one. I tried both and I was not thrilled with either one (especially the Anxiety Wrap. It was not made as well as the Thundershirt). I think the shy and fearful dog class that I took is what helped Sunny move slightly forward.
  • He has been wearing the Thundershirt quite a bit for four months for generalized anxiety. I was able to take him off of one of his anti-anxiety medications. He now wears the shirt less, but definitely wears it whenever encountering triggers (children and large crowds etc.). We are now talking about lowering the dosage of medication he is still on. I cannot say enough good things about this product. It has changed our lives. I never thought he would ever be comfortable with my 4 year old niece, but they actually made friends this summer thanks to the Thundershirt.


  • Initially she seemed calmer after wearing the wrap. I don’t think it has made any real difference. When I had her wear it at class, she was very wound-up. I also had her wear it on the Halloween hike and again no change in behavior.
  • One person returned theirs for a Thundershirt.
  • One person told me that the dog really likes it and doing well with generalized fear.