The Last Act of True Love

Saying goodbye to a friend and/or family member is always a hard thing to go through. It is just as hard for us dog people when it comes to saying goodbye to our furry-faced friends and family members.
On October 31st, 2008, I had to face the fact that my cattle dog mix Terra was no longer happy and her pain and illness was hard for her to bear. The thought of euthanasia crushed me. I prayed the last day that she was with us that the good Lord would take her before our appointment with our veterinarian. During that day I spoke with one of my best friends and dog lover Sue. She went through the same thing with her dog Casey not long ago. She said that when it was time to say goodbye it was such a blessing to be able to hold Casey and comfort her in her last breaths. She didn’t want her Casey to be alone when it was her time to go. Well, these words did comfort me somewhat but I still kept praying that the Lord would take my Terra before our appointment. That didn’t happen. We headed to the animal hospital with both of our dogs, Tasha and Terra. I felt as though Tasha should be with us, why I don’t know. I had Terra’s favorite bed, toys and things she loved in the back of my van. It was a gorgeous October day and we spent the day together enjoying the outside. Right before dusk our veterinarian came out to the van and my Terra was finally at peace.

Today I face the same situation with my Border Collie Tasha. My friend Sue’s words mean much more to me today than they did back in October. I know that after the veterinarian comes here tonight and my Tasha slips away, her spirit will be free from the pain and discomfort that she is in today. Although it is not a gorgeous day outside, I will be taking my best friend of 16 years to Wendy’s for a hamburger for lunch. She had her favorite breakfast, she has been brushed with her favorite brush and she will have her favorite pizza for supper. Her bed will be in the front room surrounded by her favorite things, including Joey our cat. I know that she will slip away as peacefully as my Terra did.

She lays here resting as I write these words looking at me from time to time. I think back to earlier days when she wouldn’t stop bringing her toy for me to play fetch, when she would cover up her food with a hand towel, and that cute little butt dance she did when she was on her back as I scratched her butt. I will cherish all of the memories of my Tasha and Terra forever. I will see you again my furry friend and I thank you for the many wonderful years we have spent together. My love for you will never die.

By Laura Yurchak, February 27, 2009