The Impact of the Kenosha Explosion

By Eva Locke

You may have seen the news that an unoccupied home blew up at 11:30 pm on Monday night. Our family lives or lived (I’m not sure which) two doors to the south of that building. Through God’s intervention all of our family-including both our dogs-were sleeping at the time–so we were under covers when all the windows in our house imploded from the explosion. Except for some cuts to bare feet, no one was hurt.

When we viewed footage of the New Orleans flood a couple years ago, my husband and I declared that we would not leave our animals during an emergency. So when a fireman on the street told us that the houses on our road might be evacuated, I hurried back into our dark, cold and windy house (the electric and gas were cut immediately) to try to figure out what to do. Believe me, when you are woken up by a sonic boom, your brain short circuits so I understand what happened in New Orleans better now.

A couple things really helped us when handling the dogs. Both of our dogs (Chip and Tempi) have been in Laura’s classes. Chip started in classes when he was only one. One of the first things Laura “preached” about was the value of crate training. So our dogs sleep in covered crates right by our bed. First of all, the crates protected the dogs from raining glass. Secondly, they provided a critical shelter for the dogs while we ran through the house assessing the damage. If you don’t have a crate for your pet, get one!

Years ago, Laura recommended a dog groomer named Darby. At midnight, it’s hard to reach any dog boarding places. I went through the few phone numbers on my cell phone and Darby’s came up. I called her at midnight and she–not only took the dogs–but her husband met us near our home to pick up the dogs. He even spent 10 minutes just acclimating our frightened dogs before loading them into his car. One of our dogs, Tempi, is very skittish–those of you who took the “reactive dog” class will remember her, so it is not just anyone who can handle her.

Darby kept our dogs for two nights while we got settled. Well, it’s going to be awhile until everything is settled. I can’t tell you how much it meant to know that the dogs were receiving the compassionate care from dog savvy people while we were trying to put the pieces back together. I understand Tempi barked non-stop most of the first night. Darby and family–you all are saints!

We’re staying at a hotel and the dogs are now at Woofman’s Lodge. That’s another place that we learned about from Laura. Felicia, at Woofmans, is one of the only people outside of our family who Tempi will allow to touch her.

There are people who care for dogs because its a business. Then there are people who care for dogs passionately and incidentally happen to run a business. Our family want to thank some of those people including:

Darby and family of Darby’s Doghouse on 52nd Ave in Kenosha. If you’re looking for a groomer, visit Darby. She’s a fantastic groomer. The folks at Woofman’s Lodge including Howard, Lesley and Felicia

Laura of Loving Paws. We’ve taken your advice over the years to heart!