The Good Dog

By Casey Lueck
One day my mom and Grammy had to go to a long appointment, so me and Gabester had to stay home alone. Mom says we go to “daycare” when they’re not home but really it’s just the basement. We aren’t allowed to be upstairs because Gabe is naughty and gets into stuff. We have a nice area in the basement with Mom’s old bed, a couch, a play tent and our cages. Mom and Grammy were gone for a long time and Gabe got bored and started looking around for something to do. The toys were boring and I didn’t feel like playing with him so he went shopping on the shelf where Grammy keeps some extra food in case of an emergency. You’ll never guess what he found! He found a big bag of brown sugar. He had to really stretch to reach it, but he got it and pulled it down. He brought it over to the bed and was just about to rip it open when I noticed what he was doing. I told him not to do it, but he pulled on the bag and sugar went all over. He started gobbling up the sugar and I told him he better stop, but he kept eating and eating. He ate so much he got a tummy ache! The bed was covered with sugar and he couldn’t get comfortable on it so he went to lay down on the couch. Then all of a sudden he puked. On the couch! He got up and came by me and puked on the rug. Then he went by the tent and puked on the tent. Everywhere he went he puked. And then he had to go potty and since he couldn’t go outside he went on the floor. Finally he felt a little better so he went in his cage and took a nap. Mom and Grammy came home a little while later and found the mess. They were very mad at Gabester. It took them a long time to clean up all the messes and the couch is ruined! When will Gabester learn?! There’s one good thing about having a naughty brother like Gabester: he makes me look like the good dog.