Teaching canine fitness is one of the most important things you can do to enhance your dog’s confidence while at the same time, building his strength and flexibility.  Working together on these skills will build the bond you share with your dog and be a lot of “sirius” fun for both of you.


Look at the long list of benefits that fitness training provides:

  • Strengthens muscles and improves flexibility
  • Stronger muscles will mean better joint support
  • Better alignment, posture, balance, and stability
  • Improves endurance, body awareness, gait and movement
  • Helps with the prevention of injury and disease
  • Allows dogs to age without weak hind-ends and loss of proprioception
  • Helps with weight reduction (lean dogs live an average of two years longer)
  • Builds confidence and focus
  • Encourages thinking and problem solving


Join me, Deb Rischar,  as I instruct these new Loving Paws classes that will include:

  1. “Shaping” up your shaping skills: ready, set, click!
  2. Fun K9 exercises to enhance Strength, Flexibility and Body Awareness
  3. Safe Stretching and Massage
  4. We will be working with a variety of fitness tools including Targets, Platforms, Paw Pods,Fit Bones, Balance disks, Peanuts, etc.


Class is suitable for dogs 1 – 12 yrs old.

All dogs should be cleared by a veterinarian for participation in class.

Small class sizes will allow ample personal training time for you and your dog.


Each Fun-damental class of skills will build on the next. 


Fun-da-mentals 1:  Targeting and Balance Skills

Fun-da-mentals 2:  Body positions, Transitions, and Weight Shifting Skills

Fun-da-mentals 3:  Movement and Distance Skills


Have a new puppy or a senior, don’t worry we’ll be introducing classes suitable for pups and those perfect seniors soon.

Mini Circut Courses coming soon

Prerequisite completion of Fun-da-mental skill classes or satisfactory demonstration of required skills.