Recipe for a Great Walk

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By Jennifer Lueck

1 hungry dog
1 leash
1 collar, walking harness or head halter (whatever you normally use)
1 cup cooked chicken breast cut into small pieces (use less for a small dog)
1 pinch of positive attitude
1 cup of love
1 heaping teaspoon of patience
2 poop bags

Take your dog for a walk and give him chicken EVERY time he looks at you or walks without pulling. Change directions and pace while you’re walking so he has to watch you for direction. Practice sits, downs or tricks on the walk to keep him thinking. Plan to feed him the entire cup of chicken in a one hour walk. That’s 1 small piece every 30 seconds! Don’t be stingy. Focus only on your dog (no cell phones, iPods or other people) and try to reinforce every good behavior. Your goal is to get close attention to you, but please allow him time to smell the roses and stop for potty breaks. Have fun and smile at your dog!

* If you have more than one dog, follow this recipe for each dog individually.
* If you’re worried about your dog getting fat, give him half (or even less) of his dinner.