Pill Pockets

By Laura Yurchak
Pill Pockets – Made by Greenies, manufactured in North Kansas City, Missouri.

Do you have a pet that you just hate to give pills to? Well fret no more. Greenies makes the Pill Pockets treat. The pill pockets contain a built-in pouch suited for hiding a pill/capsule. The pill pockets for dogs are chicken based and my Tasha loves them. The pill pockets for cats are either chicken or salmon based.They come in two sizes for dogs: pill size and capsule size. The pill size is perfect for pills the size of aspirin or smaller. The cost is $11.99 for 30 pieces at Petco. The Capsule size is quite a bit larger and will work well for larger pills or capsules. The cost of this size is $12.99 for 30 pieces. You can purchase these for much less going through the internet. I found them almost half the price at www.entirelypets.com. Since they are chicken based I keep them in the refrigerator although the manufacturer doesn’t state to do so.