Pet Safety During the Holidays

Categories: Dog Safety

By Jennifer Lueck

The best prevention for mischievous young dogs is 100% supervision, especially around the holidays when new and interesting things are introduced into your dog’s environment. Dogs have no concept of monetary or sentimental value; everything’s a chew toy to them until they are taught otherwise. From a dog’s point of view, those shiny round things hanging from the cool new indoor tree look like fun toys.

Below are some tips to help you keep your dog safe during the holidays

  • Many holiday plants can lead to health problems when ingested by dogs. Make sure to keep these plants out of reach of curious canines: mistletoe, holly, poinsettias and lilies.
  • Snow globes often contain antifreeze, which is poisonous to pets.
  • If you purchase a real tree for decorating, do not allow your dog to drink the tree’s water as it may contain residual fertilizers.
  • Keep ornaments and tinsel out of reach of your dog. Ornaments can break easily and ingested glass could result in a life-threatening emergency. Ingested tinsel can be cause an intestinal blockage.
  • Make sure the power cords for your tree’s lights are taped down or well covered so your dog cannot chew the cords and risk electric shock.
  • If you choose to give your dog holiday turkey, make sure it’s boneless. Cooked poultry bones can splinter and cause major problems when ingested.
  • If you have houseguests for the holidays, make sure your guests are aware of your dog when entering or exiting the house so he does not get loose. You should also inform your houseguests of the foods to avoid feeding the dog and let the guests know about the rules you have set for your dog. The holidays are a perfect time to practice exercises to teach your dog not to jump on people.
  • Dog costumes are fun to put on our dogs, but remember that they should only be worn when supervised by a human.
  • Remember to wipe your dog’s paws after taking him for a walk where ice-melting salt has been applied.