PediPaws Product Reviews

By Megan Perri
Recently I received PediPaws as a gift. This tool, similar to a Dremel, claims to gently file dogs’ nails. With three dogs, each with different size nails, I put this product to the test.

First I had to find batteries since they are not included with the product. I briefly looked at the papers, but I’ve been taking care of dogs since I was very young and cutting (or filing) nails is nothing new to me. I turned PediPaws on and immediately two of my dogs began running around the living room in what is affectionately known as the zoomies. I looked at the papers again and nowhere did it indicate dogs would act like complete goofballs. My third dog hid, more from the two younger ones playing than from the product’s noise. As excited as I was to try out the product, this wasn’t the right time.

Later in the week I was grooming my shih tzu. Jake is 12½ years old and, at times, is not very fond of grooming. In the five years he has been a part of my life, Jake has come a long way, but will always be sensitive to having his front legs handled. He was abused as a puppy and his front legs endured some injuries.

Jake has both black and white nails that are thick (for a small dog), grow fast and close to the pads. With traditional nail clippers, I felt I wasn’t clipping his nails as short as they could be. I turned PediPaws on and Jake didn’t react at all. Slowly I tried PediPaws on him. I started with the nails on his hind legs, but was also able to trim his front nails. PediPaws lived up to what it claims; it gently filed his nails. The product allowed me to file under his nails ultimately trimming where traditional clippers couldn’t reach without taking multiple clips that eventually a dog gets tired of.

Next up was Jasper, one of my dogs that got the zoomies when he first heard PediPaws. Jasper is a 6½ -year-old cockapoo. His nails are all black and thin. Generally with all the running around he does, his nails rarely need to be clipped. However, in winter they tend to stay a decent length but usually are sharp and need the point filed down. Jasper isn’t too fond of having his nails done. PediPaws allowed me to quickly file the nails down, an easier chore than trying to get clippers positioned right.

Finally it was my big boy’s turn. Alex is a 22-month-old German shepherd. He also got the zoomies when I first turned PediPaws on. Alex’s nails are big, thick and black. With all the running around he does, he too keeps his nails a decent length but they tend to get rough and need to be smoothed down. When Alex was younger (and smaller) he didn’t mind getting his nails clipped, but as he grew and his nails became bigger, nail clipping wasn’t as much fun. The pressure from the clipper was uncomfortable.

Alex is slowly getting used to PediPaws. He doesn’t mind the filing; I have a file I use to smooth out his nails. The problem is the noise. To Alex, this is a new toy he wants to play with and when the product turns on and it’s his turn, he begins to jump around like a goofball. Gotta love young dogs!

Overall I was impressed with PediPaws. There is a guard that keeps dust from flying in your face and protects your pooch’s hair from getting caught, but I took that off so I could get the difficult-to-reach spots on Jake’s nails. If nails are too long, it may be easier to trim with traditional clippers first and then keep up with routine filing using PediPaws.

By Kerry Anderson

Charlie and I tried the PediPaws on Bear and Olive. Bear was very afraid of the tool and it was difficult to get his tiny nails in the right spot. We were able to work with Olive a little better. But, she did not like the grinding against her nails. In our opinion the tool is too big and clunky for a small dog. Plus, our dogs’ long hair didn’t make the task any easier. However, in all fairness, we didn’t take the recommended time to get the dogs’ accustomed to the tool. For us we plan to save the $19.95 plus shipping and keep on clipping.