Presenting: Leah Gangelhoff, CPDT-KA, CNWI

CCPDT CEU’s = 10 per day

CNWI CEU’s = 4 per day

Saturday & Sunday, Sept. 21-22, 2019

  • Building Drive & Determination in Your Nose Work Dog
  • Developing Clarity & Precision in Your Nose Work Dog


 Saturday Sept 21st

Location: Karcher Middle School, 225 Robert St, Burlington WI 53105

Time: 9am – 5pm

Building Drive & Determination in Your Nose Work Dog

Drive building is something that is inherent in the foundation of the K9 Nose Work® training philosophy.  As we begin to focus on our dog’s development and our development as handlers, we spend much time building skills we and our dogs need for competition.  During this time, it is important to not leave drive building by the wayside. We will explore ways to infuse your training with exercises that build hunt drive in your dog while simultaneously building and challenging your skills as a handler. 

 As a progression of training, it is helpful to build and foster your dog’s determination to get to source. We have created the association between the target odors and our dog’s primary reinforcer (food or toy), so our dogs have a definite desire to get to source – let’s take that a step further! We will explore pathways to create a dog who will not leave a scent problem until they have achieved success! 


Sunday Sept 22nd

Location: Habermehl Electric, 9542 South 58th Street, Franklin, WI 53132

NOTE: Searches will be primarily outdoors.  This is a great location for this!

Time: 9am – 5pm

 Developing Clarity & Precision with Your Nose Work Dog

In order for us to continue to foster success in the blind hide settings that we experience when we trial our dogs, it is critical to build clarity for our dogs and therefore for us as handlers. When our dogs are super clear on what specifically produces reinforcement, we begin to see more consistency from them in getting what we want – which is more easily readable, confident, ORGANIC behavior while at source. Alongside this clarity will emerge more precision from our dogs in solving different scent pictures, thereby improving our ability as handlers to understand what we are seeing in blind scenarios. We will identify and discuss transitions in the training process that are critical to a dog’s development of this clarity over time and when it is appropriate to make those transitions.


 About Leah Gangelhoff, CPDT-KA, CNWI

Leah, a professional Canine Training and Behavior Specialist since 2002, owns & operates Stay Curious Nose Work, LLC and Flint Hill K-9 Training, LLC serving the Greater Birmingham, AL area. During that time, she has developed private comprehensive education courses for thousands of dogs and their owners for puppy, obedience, and serious behavior issues of all kinds, including severe fear and aggression cases. Leah trained in narcotics detection with Ron Gaunt and Amy Herot while living in Los Angeles before NACSW™ and the sport of K9 Nose Work® were born and she is currently a Supervising Certifying Official and Judge for NACSW™ sanctioned K9 Nose Work® trials. She is a Senior Faculty Member at NACSW™ and is active in developing continuing education for CNWI and has presented over 30 K9 Nose Work® seminars nationally and internationally since 2011. Full bio can be seen here.


Working Spot Registration Information: 

Participants who would like to be considered for a working spot must be willing to audit if they do not get selected. We cannot take registrations from people who only want to work a dog in order to attend. At the time of registration, all participants to be considered for a working spot will pay the workshop fee of $175.00 for both days or $100 for one day as listed below. If a team is selected for a working spot, the participant will then pay an additional working spot fee for the working spot.


Teams selected for a working spot will be notified by email including a link to submit additional payment within 7 days of notification. We will choose the working spot dogs on September 4th. We will notify you on between Sept 4th and 5th if you have a working spot or if you were placed on a wait list for a spot.


Working teams will be selected based on their skill level and an effort to show a variety of dogs and styles for the learning benefit of all working and auditing participants. Please read cancellation policy below before registering.  


Working spot requirements:

Participating dogs should be on all three odors. A title is not required, but dogs should be comfortable working in front of a larger group of people than in a regular class and have a very good drive for target odor (and have spent training time working hides that are not paired with food). Dogs who have less experience or understanding of odor or who can become easily distracted by the environment would not be well suited for a working spot given that it typically takes some time to work through those things. Additionally, dogs who are environmentally sensitive or reactive/aggressive with people or more than mildly reactive with other dogs would not be well suited for this type of format.

Teams selected for a working spot will be notified by email including a link to submit additional payment within 7 days of notification. Working teams will be selected based on their skill level and an effort to show a variety of dogs and styles for the learning benefit of all working and auditing participants.  Please read cancellation policy below before registering.

Dogs will need to be comfortable and quiet crated in a kennel or staying in the car. Please bring bedding, cool covers, pop-ups, fans or whatever your dog needs to be made comfortable and cool/warm enough in between working exercises.

Dogs must be able to stay quietly in their vehicles out of sight from their handlers.

Only one dog/handler team per household will be selected but you may submit more than one of your dogs for consideration.


Working teams (maximum of 10 per day):

We will stay at or below this maximum working spot limit!!!!!

$350 for BOTH days with same dog

$175 for ONE day

Auditors (unlimited):

$175.00 auditor for BOTH days

$100.00 auditor for ONE day


NACSW – 4 CEUs per day for CNWI (8 total for both days)

CCPDT – CEUs 10 CEU’s per day or trainers.  0 for behaviorists.

Refreshments – Coffee, water and snacks will be provided.  Lunch is on your own.

AUDIT/VIDEO TAPING:  ONLY ONE other video camera (and only at the request of the handler currently running a dog) besides the presenter’s camera may be operating at any given time during the event. Absolutely no other audio or video-taping is allowed.  Videos may only be posted on social media if the sound has been removed (you do not have permission to post a video if the Presenter can be heard speaking).  Thank you for your cooperation.


PHOTOS:  Everyone is WELCOME to post any PHOTOS of themselves, of the Presenter, of dogs etc. on social media at any time during or after the seminar. Be sure you have permission of other participants before posting photos that include them.


CANCELATION POLICYAll cancellations must be in writing by email to Laura at  No other forms of communication for cancelation will be accepted. A confirmation of cancelation will be emailed back to you by Laura at Loving Paws. Cancelations by noon central time on September 1st – will receive a refund minus $20 processing fee. Cancelations after noon September 1st – will not be refunded unless there is a wait list and someone can take your spot.


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Any questions please contact Laura at or 262-652-0652