K9 Nose Work Trials

The activity and sport of K9 Nose Work® is designed to let dogs engage their natural scenting abilities in a fun and rewarding search endeavor, inclusive to the highly motivated working dog, as well as the beloved family pet. K9 Nose Work® can be done anywhere you can go with your dog. With the right foundation and continued training, any dog can do K9 Nose Work®.

If you are interested in pursuing K9 Nose Work® as a sport, then regular attendance of classes taught by a qualified instructor will help to ensure that you and your dog have the necessary training to be competition ready, this includes exposure to the four elements of a K9 Nose Work® trial: interior, Exterior, Container and Vehicle searches.

NW1 & NW3 K9 Nose Work Trial

March 24 & 25th, 2018    (Trial registration is now closed)
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BLOCK PRICING for Hotel: Candlewood Suites, 10200 74th Street, Kenosha WI 53142. 262-842-5000.  Block is under K9 Nose Work.

$99 per night for King Studio, 2 Queen Standard or One Bedroom Suite.  There is a $25 per pet fee. 2 pet max. All rooms have full kitchens. Because of having the full kitchen, they do not serve breakfast.  There is a Woodman’s Market down the street about 5 min away.

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