ORT – Odor Recognition Test

Trial entry requires that handler/dog teams must have passed the appropriate Odor Recognition Test (ORT) in advance of the trial. The purpose of the ORT is to verify that the dogs know the target odor (scent) used in competition. Successful passage of an ORT requires a dog to identify the location of the target odor and the handler to correctly call an ‘alert’ (or equivalent) within a three-minute time period.

The Odor Recognition Test must be judged by an NACSW™ sanctioned certifying official, who could be an approved K9 detection handler, a CNWI and/or other qualified person at the discretion of the NACSW™. A Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) may judge an ORT as long as it is not for current students.

For information on upcoming ORTs near you, use the calendar below. To enter an ORT, follow the instructions for that event. For more information on ORT rules, see the trial rule book.

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For more ORTs, visit the NACSW ORT Calendar.