Each class will be held at a different location. You must sign up for each individual class you wish to attend. Check the weekly locations list for specific details.


Petrifying Springs Park

Silver Lake Park

Brightondale Park

Pennoyer Park

Bristol Woods Park

Other Locations

Twin Disc, 1328 Racine Street, Racine WIClick for Map

  • Enter the gates for Twin Disc off of 14th Street. In Racine.
  • Drive up to the gate closest to the building and wait until the guard opens the gate. If it doesn’t open after being at the gate for a minute then press the button on the box to alert the guard that you are there.
  • Park in any space after entering the gated parking lot.
  • Enter the building – Bring your crate and dog through the door marked “For Employees Only” (second door of the building left of the gates).
  • Once inside the building take a left and then a quick right and go down the aisle. You will see a door a head of you. You will be walking through the warehouse to get to the door.
  • Go through the door that is a head of you. The room is a larger storage room. Crate anywhere in the aisles of that room. Someone will be there shortly.

SPC Books (Waveland Press, Sheffield Publishing), 9009 Antioch Road, Salem WI

  • Enter the driveway off of Hwy 83 in Salem.
  • Enter the building through the door of the shorter building, not the taller warehouse door.
  • When it is too hot or cold we crate inside the building. Bring your crate and dog inside. We will tell you which area to crate in.

Trevor Fire Department, 11252-254th Ct, Trevor WIclick for map

  • If using a gps system you may end up in an area other than the fire department.
  • Take HWY C in Kenosha county.
  • The Fire Station is west of Hwy 83 right off of Hwy C. You will see a small fire engine sign on the right side of the road right before the station. It is lit up, in the dark you can see the lights from Hwy 83.
  • Pull in the drive and park in front of the building.
  • This is a three level building, we may be in any level. A sign will be on the door stating where we will be.
  • To go upstairs or downstairs: you will see a grey door as soon as you enter the first door. That is the stairway to upstairs or downstairs. Let us know if you need to use the elevator and we will show you where it is.

Somers Fire Department, 7511-12th Street, Somers WI

  • Take the short drive on the east side of the building off of 12th Street (Hwy E).
  • Drive to the back of the building.
    • IF WORKING ON THE MAIN FLOOR (map): Enter the second door in the back of the building. If it is cold out we will crate the dog in that big room. Set up your crate and wait there.
    • IF WORKING IN THE BASEMENT  (MAP):  When you get to the back of the building you will see a garage aside of the long building. Park in the areas listed on the map and enter the door showing on the map. Go down the stairs.

Stable, 1655 County Road V, Sturtevant WI

  • Take County Road V off of Spring Street in Sturtevant (Mt Pleasant).
  • The stable is on the east side of the road.
  • You will see the stable on your left and a house in front of you.
  • Drive up to the stable you will see parking places. If they are full, park along side the grass area by the chicken coup.
  • You will see a cement area that is in front of the stable and near the house.
  • Enter the door of the stable off of the cemented area.
  • We will direct you from there.