K9 Nose Work Level 1 – The Beginning- Sign Up

This is the beginner class. Have fun watching your dog use their noses!

K9 Nose Work Level 2 – Sign Up

In this class you and your dog will be searching all four elements: Interior, Exterior, Vehicle and Containers.  Pairing with a primary reinforcer is key for this level.  Birch will be introduced.

K9 Nose Work Level 3 – Sign Up

After Intro to Odor you and your dog can continue to build your nose work skills searching exteriors, vehicles, interiors and containers. Accessible hides will be worked in different environments & locations. Pairing is still happening as you are working on a final response.

K9 Nose Work Advanced NW1-2 – see advanced classes listed to the right

These are individual classes.  You must register for each class you want to attend. This class will focus on any team working on the NW1 and-or NW2 levels.  The dogs must be searching for odor, either birch and-or anise.  Clove will be also be added-introduced.  Depending on the level the dogs are working at we will be working with accessible and inaccessible hides.  All four elements will be searched.  You don’t have to compete to enjoy coming to class but your dog must be able to search for birch.  Pairing is highly welcomed.  The classes listed as 9.3 have a six dog limit per class.  The classes listed as 9.312 has two instructors and has a 12 dog limit per session-class.

K9 Nose Work Advanced NW3-E – Sign Up

These are individual classes.  you must register for each class you want to attend. The class will focus on the foundations skills and also skill needed for NW3.  We will have some fun with some elite hides when appropriate.  You don’t have to compete to join the class but you do have to be at that skill level.

**** Advanced Classes are individual classes. You register for each individual class you want to attend. This way you can come on the days that fit best into your schedule. You MUST register for each individual class you want to attend. All advanced classes can be attended by anyone that has had odor classes before. Choose the class that best suits your schedule. We will always accommodate for anyone that comes. ****

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