SNIFF & GO October and November 2019

Your dog must be working with Birch, Anise and Clove to attend the Sniff & Go’s.  You can run blind, blind with help or however you want to run.



When – Nov 17th, 2019

Location – Waller Elementary School. 195 Gardner Ave. Burlington WI 53105

Level – Based on NW3-Elite rules and hide placements. 4-5 searches

Time: Each team will have a scheduled run time.  You will do all four searches back-to-back.

Searches: 4 search areas

Level: A mix of NACSW NW3 and Elite searches

Cost: $40 per team

  • All dogs must be on all three odors.
  • The running order will be emailed to you around Nov 12th.
  • Teams will be given an approximate time to run. Teams will run every 7-8 minutes and search all four elements consecutively.
  • Dogs must be kept in their vehicles unless searching or going potty.
  • NACSW rules for ORTs/Trials are in place.
  • There may be stairs (or an elevator). We will do our best to not have to use them.

Cancelation policy: Refunds must be requested in the form of an EMAIL to  A refund will be issued minus $10 process fee before 8 a.m. on November 10th . No refunds will be issued after 8 a.m. on November 10th.

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