Ninos Big Adventure

By Jim, Eve & Nino Boehme

My name is Nino and I am an 18 month old Italian Greyhound. I live in Pleasant Prairie with my mom and dad Jim and Eve Boehme. I would like to share with you the greatest adventure of my life that I just experienced a few weeks ago.

It all started several months ago when my mom and decided to go to Miami for the holidays to see my mom’s family. They decided they wanted to take me with and found a flight that would allow me to travel with them in the cabin of the airplane. Soon after, my dad starting working with me to get me into and stay in the crate I would be in during the flight. He used some really yummy treats and before long I couldn’t wait to be in my crate. We also visited a holistic vet who gave me some drops that would help me to relax during the flight.

The day of our flight we got up very early and drove to Milwaukee. I jumped in to my crate and off we went into the airport. There were so many people and sites and sounds I had never experienced before. After checking in and going through security I was able to get out of my crate and sit on my mom’s lap. So many people came up and petted me and told me how cute I was. Before long it was time for me to get back into my crate and board the plane. When we got on the plane my dad put me under the seat in front of him. I was a little scared at first, but once I realized my mom and dad were there I settled in and slept the whole flight.

When we landed in Florida, I was able to get out of my crate as we waited for our luggage. Several people came up to say hi to me and I got more hugs and kisses. After we got our luggage my uncle picked us up and we headed to his condo. He lives in the biggest building I have ever seen right on the water. I loved it there. It was so warm and we went for walks in the harbor everyday. The best part about my uncle’s place was the dogpark. It was an off leash dog park and it was great. I met so many cool dogs and I was able to run around as much as I wanted. The last day we went there, I met another Italian Greyhound named Riley. He was grey and a little bigger than me. We ran around until I was so tired I couldn’t run anymore. It was very fun because my uncle had never seen me run like a greyhound before.

One day we went to a place called South Beach. It was so warm and had the softest whitest sand I have ever seen. My mom calls the stuff at Lake Michigan sand, but it isn’t nearly as warm and soft as the stuff I walked on at South Beach. There was a really cool boardwalk that we walked on for miles and miles. I saw all kinds of other dogs with their parents and got lots of head scratches and smiles from several strangers. I liked South Beach.

Another day we drove all the way from Miami to Orlando to tour a winery. Since my uncle’s friend worked at the winery I was able to go on the tour with everyone. It was very cool. We toured the blueberry fields and went inside to see how they make and bottle the wine. My mom and dad really liked the wine, but I liked watching the ducks and geese splash around in the pond way more. After we spent a few days with my uncle, we drove down to Miami to spend a few days with my aunt. She lives in a house with a fenced in backyard which was great because I could run around and explore as much as I wanted. I loved sniffing my way through the backyard which was full of plants and trees that I had never seen before. There were also lizards running around that I could chase. My aunt has a little girl and I enjoyed running after and playing with her. They also had a cat that I tried to play with, but she wasn’t very interested in playing with me. It was very warm and we spent most of our time outside in the sun which was very fun.

Before long it was time to get back into my crate and head back to Wisconsin. I loved all the sites and smells of Florida. When we left Florida it was 68 degrees and when we got to Milwaukee it was 5 degrees. I wasn’t so happy about that, but it was nice to get home and sleep in my own bed. My mom and dad were so excited about how well the trip went that they are already planning another trip that I can go along with. I cannot wait.