Made in China

Categories: Dog Health, Dog Safety
By Laura Yurchak
Did you make a New Year’s resolution? I made mine after reading the last FDA report about dog treats imported from China. I must admit, since the dog food scare a while back, I pay attention to all “country of origins” on all products I buy for my pets. I will not purchase anything that is made in China. There are great products out there that are made in the USA. B&J Bakery treats are made in Kenosha. If you remember, we carried some of B&J’s products at the training center on Sheridan Road. You can visit B&J’s booth most Saturdays at the Harbor Market, which is being held inside during the winter at Rhode Center For The Arts at 514-56th Street. You can also call them at 654-5407 to place any size order. Did you know that Charlee Bear dog treats are made in Madison, WI? Most, if not all, of the Nylabone products are made in the USA. The Kong Rubber products are made in Denver, but the tennis ball toys and squeaky toy are not. Jones Natural Chews, Pegetables, and most of the Planet Pet products are made in the USA. Below is a link to the latest FDA bulletin about Chicken treats imported from China.