K9 Nose Work: What Is It?

By Laura Yurchak

What is K9 Nose Work? It is a new sport in the dog world. In the words of the founders of this sport, the K9 Nose Work ® class concept and sport was created to provide an opportunity for the companion and sport dog to have an outlet for their natural hunting and scenting abilities and was inspired by the model of working detection dogs. The dog uses its nose to locate a target scent or odor. This can be done anywhere, anytime; thus a new sport for dogs living in any setting.

The purpose of the class is to engage the dog in the game of nose work and to teach the handler how to read their dog and build a team relationship all while having fun. Nose Work is a great skill to develop in the dog that can build the dog’s confidence, reduce environmental sensitivity and provide mental and physical exercise through teamwork with their handler.

Loving Paws introduced these classes in September 2010. Stephanie and I are in the certification program enjoying every step of the process. Our training allows us to offer these fun and exciting classes to you. There are four levels on the curriculum. You can attend the classes to have fun and enjoy seeing your dog do something they enjoy. You can also work toward competition.

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