I Still Love My Dremel

By Jennifer Lueck

I’ve been using a Dremel to file my dogs’ nails for several years. I use a cordless MiniMite most of the time, but I also use my corded model when I need to do both dogs or if I forget to charge the cordless. I prefer the cordless because it is smaller, lighter, more comfortable and I can use it anywhere (the backyard is great!). The drawback with it is that I can only do about 1.5 dogs before the battery dies. The corded model is heavier and has a relatively short cord, so I’m restricted to using it near an outlet.

Despite how easy my Dremel makes nail filing, the PediPaws infomercial at Walgreen’s made it look like such great product I almost bought one. The screw-on guard was the key selling point for me. No more stinky nail dust flying in my face! After seeing that it uses two C batteries, I decided to do a little research before buying to see what other people thought of it. I try to be environmentally friendly so I would want rechargeable batteries and, since I don’t have a charger that can charge C’s, I would also need a new charger. The $20 tool would have ended up being a $50 purchase! A quick glance at Amazon.com’s customer reviews was enough to convince me to stick with my Dremel.

When Laura decided to review nail grinders for this newsletter, I decided to borrow Amy’s PediPaws and test it myself. I tried to be open-minded, but it was exactly as I expected. The motor isn’t strong enough to really grind my dogs’ nails. I tried pushing the nail harder against the sanding wheel, but that engages the safety feature and it stops. My dogs are fairly patient, but I don’t think they’d sit still as long as it would take to do any kind of serious filing. On a positive note, I do like the guard!
As I was researching the different models for the chart, I kept coming across another nail grinder, the Peticure, which appears to have a stronger motor than PediPaws and is rechargeable. I’ve never used a Peticure myself, but it got much better reviews on Amazon.com than the PediPaws.

Personally, I’ll stick with my Dremel. Not only does it work great for filing my dogs’ nails, but I can also use it to plane my sticky bathroom door, sharpen my lawnmower blade, drill tiny holes in my polymer clay beads, clean the rust off my garden tools, sharpen my mom’s sewing scissors and engrave new rabies tag numbers on my dogs’ ID tags. I love my Dremel!