Elementary, My Dear Grammy

By Casey Lueck
Yesterday me and Gabester were playing by the shed and we smelled a mouse inside. We knew my mom wouldn’t want a mouse in there so we worked together to get the door open. The door on our shed doesn’t stay closed when it’s windy so Mom puts a bungee cord on the door to keep it from blowing open. Gabe used his paws to open the door and I held it open so he could squeeze in. But then there was a bird flying the yard so I had to let go of the door to go chase it. Oops! The door shut and Gabe got trapped inside! I went back to help him get out but then there was another bird flying in the yard so I had to go chase it. And then there was a noise so I had to bark. And then Grammy called me to come in the house because she doesn’t like it when I bark.

A little while later Grammy started to wonder where Gabe was. I forgot all about him! She looked all over the house and the yard but she couldn’t find him anywhere. She was about to call 911 but then she asked me to help her find him — probably because I was Sherlock Bones for Halloween. Elementary my dear Grammy! I brought her right to the shed and she opened the door and there was Gabe, just finishing off the mouse.