Dremel Tool For Nails

by Laura Yurchak

Some of you know that I groomed part time out of my home for 11 years. I took grooming school through Shel Ray and back then we only used a nail clipper to cut dog and cat nails. Today we have new tools to file the nails down. As a groomer I used a Dremel tool, an actual Dremel tool, to file the nails on most of the dogs I groomed. Some of them were afraid of the tool and others did well.

Overview of the device: I use the Dremel Multipro Cordless 7.2volt 2-speed model 770. The unit has two speeds, 7,500 rpm and 15,000 rpm. I always use the 15,000 RPM’s. The Dremel Tools was easy for me to use but it is on the heavy side. It charges quickly when the battery is low and came with many attachments. Unless you are using the tool for other uses, this model is over kill. There is no guard on the grinding wheel so you must be careful not to catch the wheel in any long hair on the dog. The Dremel tool is made in Racine, Wisconsin.

Benefits: I love using the Dremel because I can grind my dog’s nails down quickly and I am very usedto the tool. If I get a bit too close to the quick (the blood vein in the nail), the speed of the grinding wheel cauterizes the quick. Filing the nails doesn’t leave sharp edges that can scratch your arms or legs when playing with your dog or when they jump on you. Dremel tool products come either corded or cordless.

Drawbacks: You MUST be watching how much of the nail you are grinding off because you can GO TOO FAR! You can still cause the nail to bleed and then you may not be able to do this with your dog again. As mentioned before the model I use is heavy and it is also louder than others on the market.

Cost of device: You can purchase the Dremel tool products at Ace Hardware, Lowes, Menards, Target, and Wal-Mart. Prices will vary depending on the unit you buy.

Warranty and Customer Service: Most cordless units come with a 2 year warranty and most corded units come with a 5 year warranty. Each unit will specify the warranty period. I worked with the Dremel Company when I was employed by Snap-on Tools. The company’s reputation is exemplary. They stand behind their products. There is a service center in Racine and you can speak with a customer service representative via a toll free phone number.