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Trick I

Course Details

  • 4 week class
  • Cost: $80.00
In this fun class we’ll start with the basics like take it, drop it, carry it, roll over, etc., and work our way up to teaching the dogs to put their toys away, deliver objects and cover themselves with a blanket.  This is what is taught in Tricks I.

Week 1
Shake with both paws
High 5 - 10
Touch my hand
Sit up
Play dead / relax
Patty Cake

Week 2
Wipe your paws
Stick 'em up
Say your prayers
Shame on you
take it
Jump for joy  

Week 3
Take it/Pickpocket
Place (finish on left side)
Cop cop
Cross your paws
Magic carpet   

Week 4
It's a suprise!


Examples of Jennifer's dogs doing tricks:

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