Casey’s Corner

By Casey Lueck
The snow is all gone and we can’t skijor any more. So we are going to try another sport called dog scootering! It’s like skijoring but we don’t need snow to do it! This is how it will work: Mom will be on a scooter and I will be attached to the scooter. She will kick the scooter and I will pull and we will go fast!!! Mom ordered a scooter but we won’t get it until the end of April so we are rollerblading for now to get in shape.

When we are rollerblading Mom still uses gee and haw to tell me where to go but now she also uses “my side” so I know that I have to stay on her side of mailboxes and lightpoles. She says if I go on the wrong side she will fall and get hurt. Falling on rollerblades is not like falling on skis because the ground is not soft like snow. Mom is better at rollerblading than she is at skiing, but she can’t stop very good. She says it’s because she doesn’t have brakes. I think it’s really because of the wheels on her feet.

Running in the street is easier than running in snow, but now we have to watch out for cars and Mom says we have to keep my toenails short so they don’t hurt me when I run. I don’t like to have my nails trimmed, but I like to run fast so it’s worth it. Especially if I get liver treats while we trim my nails.

When we get our scooter Mom says we will run on the bike trail and on the trails at Pets. Then we won’t have to worry about cars or keeping my toenails trimmed. Right?!