Canine Heroes

I’m sure you hear amazing stories of dogs saving people’s lives all the time. Dogs have been known to save people from fires, dial 911 when their owners have heart attacks, alert owners of medical emergencies, and of course, there’s Lassie saving Timmy when he fell in the well! Here are the stories of two very special canine heroes.


By Wendy Gold

I just needed to send you this story about the ability of the collie and their love for others. This weekend we decided that the pool could be covered and the that Moses realized it was not ice
anymore and would go out on it to lay. So at the end of the long week end I put the solar cover on the pool and called it a day. I was standing with Moses by the pool and said, “Don’t go in there – stay away from this.”

Mind you the pool is 4.5ft deep and we do not have the steps in yet because it’s not quiet warm enough.

As my husband and I were watching a movie in peace because the 2 boys both fell asleep, he let the dogs outside for one last run. A few minutes later Moses is at the door barking like a maniac and scratching. Rarely does he ever want to come inside. So Steve opens the door to let him in and Moses walks backwards barking at my him. Moses keeps turning his head in the direction of the pool. He runs up to Steve nips at him and runs in the direction of the pool on the upper deck. Steve gets up and yells for help. Zeus the 125lbs black lab fell in the pool. Steve had to jump in the pool to get him out, but Moses saved his life. But it didn’t stop there – after we all came back in Steve took a shower to warm up and I rubbed on Zeus but then Moses came and laid on him licking him until he was dry. That’s a good dog.


By Jennifer Lueck

My mom is a diabetic and every once in a while she gets extremely low blood sugars. If she has a low blood sugar while she’s awake, she has a sensor that alerts her so she knows she has to eat something to bring her blood sugar back up to a healthy level. It’s accurate most of the time, but when it’s not, I’m usually there to tell her to do a blood test. When she’s sleeping however, she doesn’t hear the sensor’s beeping. That’s when Gabe takes over. He can sense when my mom’s blood sugar is low and barks at her until she gets up. He waits patiently while she does a blood test and then watches as she drinks juice or eats something. Then he eats the cookie she always gives him for saving her life and, when her blood sugar is in a safe zone, they go back to bed. We never trained him to do this; he just does it. In fact, he’s done it almost from the start of his life with us. About a week after we rescued Gabe from the shelter, my mom brought Gabe out for what she thought would be a long walk. About ten minutes into the walk, Gabe sat down and refused to walk any farther. When she tried to convince him to walk on, he turned around to face the way they had come. My mom decided not to argue with him and headed back home. By the time she got home, her blood sugar was very low. She treated it right away and was fine. But I shudder at what could have happened if Gabe hadn’t refused to keep walking and she had been miles from home when her blood sugar dropped. Gabe saved her life that day and many times since. He is my hero.