Ark Naturals Happy Traveler

By Jennifer Lueck

My dogs Gabe and Casey are very frightened by fireworks, which makes the 4th of July an unhappy day for us. This year I decided to try to give them something to help them with their anxiety: Ark Naturals Happy Traveler.

According to the bottle it is an “All Natural Calming Product” that “helps anxiety and nervous behavior.” Its main ingredients are Valerian, German Chamomile, L-Tryptophan and St. John’s Wort. The bottle says to allow 20-40 minutes for Happy Traveler to be effective so I gave both dogs the recommended dosage for their weight (2 tablets) at 7:30 pm. I gave them a third tablet an hour later, as the bottle recommended. By the time the fireworks were going off steadily in my neighborhood, my dogs were both quite relaxed. Casey got a little upset by the loudest fireworks, but she settled down quickly each time. I don’t think Gabe even noticed them. This Fourth of July was much less stressful for my dogs than ever before!

I recently tested Happy Traveler with a storm, too. I knew we were expecting a storm during the night so I gave Gabe two tablets before bed. I didn’t give any to Casey because storms don’t usually bother her. The storm hit at 1:30 am and Gabe handled it very well. He was awake during the storm but didn’t bark, pace or pant. Casey, on the other hand, was a nervous wreck, but it was too late to give her any Happy Traveler. She was anxious, wouldn’t settle down andpanted through the whole storm. I gave her Rescue Remedy, but she was still quite anxious.

Happy Traveler has definitely helped my dogs and I highly recommend it for anyone who has a dog that is scared of storms or fireworks!!!

You can buy Happy Traveler at Petco and online at and