Andrea and Ruger’s success story!

By Andrea Kern

On Saturday, October 16, we ran our first 5k (3.1miles) run together. It was the UWM Panther Prowl (my old school). There were 1,200 participants and about 20 dogs. Ruger mingled through the crowd in the 2 hours before like a champ. At least 50 people stopped to pet him and he only attempted to jump twice. In fact by the end, he would sit as they approached! In addition there was food, tons of people in close proximity, a mascot, music and cheerleaders and he was more calm there then class (I think he was really just taking it all in). When the race began everyone groups together and I was worried about Ruger but he just sat next to me and waited. Furthermore, in the beginning before it spaced out, he stayed by my side with a loose leash, sohe didn’t trip anyone!

We finished with a score of 35:10, that included 3 stops to pee on trees, two poop breaks and the time to clean them up, 1 water break and the 20 second break where Ruger laid down under a tree and deiced he was done running. So in all I am very proud and I saw a huge improvement in him! Everyone repeatedly told me how well behaved he was!