A Special Find In A Difficult Time

By Kerry Andersen

My hope is that this story will help others with their unique struggles find peace and healing through their relationships with God, family, friends, community, and their four-legged sidekicks.

Like many people these days, the poor economy hit our family hard. Our income was cut in half when I lost my job this month. It was a complete surprise, which only added to the stress of the situation. I went into panic mode within minutes of being told the news—the big question being, “On an already tight budget without any luxuries to cut, how would we pay our bills and still have money left for the daily necessities?”

In the first few days of my unemployment, I spent a great deal of time and energy dealing with my emotions. Not only was I afraid, but I also felt sadness, betrayal, anger, and a whirlwind of similar feelings. And then, something magical happened that gave me a sense of hope and well-being.

Bear and Olive and I changed our walking routine. No longer restricted to evening walks around the neighborhood, the three of us started going on more adventuresome morning escapades. Sometimes we went to Pets. Many times we visited the marina. A few times I even allowed Bear and Olive to romp freely through the sand along the shore.

During these walks, the healing began. I started to believe that we would survive. Perhaps it was experiencing the sun rise over the lake. Or, maybe it was hearing the waves lap against the rocks. As a dog lover though, I truly believe that there was something about my connection with Bear and Olive that inspired hope, faith, and a sense that things will get better.

Today I am still unemployed. And yet, while the future remains uncertain, I am exploring many opportunities that will eventually bring stability back to our home. Until then, I will continue to appreciate the wonderful network of family and friends that offer their kind words, prayers and support. And, I will continue to enjoy the company of my dogs every morning knowing that these special times are something that even a difficult time can’t take away.