History: For years, I have searched for products that are safe and nutritious for our dogs. Have you heard of the 4D’s in the dog food industry? 4D stands for Dead, Dying, Diseased, Disabled. This is a kind of meat that some dog food companies use to make dog food. Listen to this about video referring to the Australian pet food industry. This isn’t just happening there, it happens here too!! https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1620979124743181

It has been my quest to find safe food, treats, supplement and product for my dogs. The product in this store are products I would use or do use with my dogs. I’m in the process of streamlining this system. I hope to have things up and running more efficiently in January. For now, please feel free to take a look at the video link to see what we have. I also have an order form below. I’m adding to our product line constantly.

Here is a video walk through of the items we are currently stocking. https://youtu.be/cz0fFdxXnH0


  1. Click the link. It will bring up an excel spreadsheet.
  2. Enable editing – see message at the top of the page.
  3. Fill in what you want and save it to your computer or call me to order 262-652-0652 or contact me to set up a time to come to the store.
  4. If emailing: send the saved order to laura@lovingpawsllc.com
  5. I will send you an invoice. You can pay by check (if established Loving Paw student) cash, PayPal or Venmo.
  6. We will deliver orders of $25 or more if you are in the Kenosha area (some Racine also). OR you can contact me and I will meet you at the store which is located in the lower level of the Healing Oasis in Sturtevant WI.

Contact me if you have questions. 262-652-0652 or laura@lovingpawsllc.com.

I restock about once a month. Because dog food takes up so much room and has a shelf life I do not plan to stock much but I will take special orders (pre-orders) for items not stocked. Pre-orders are mostly dog food items. Once the freezer arrives I will have the raw meat dog food of Answers, Small Batch, Primal, Raw Bistro, Steve’s Real Food. Other dog food that I you can pre-order are Fromm, Natures Logic, Stella & Chewy, & Rawz.

PLEASE contact me if you want to discuss product that we do or do not currently carry. I hope to build this part of the business in 2021.